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When considering investing in a security system, there is one important thing you must consider; your system is only as good as the company that stands behind it. We know that once the installation is complete, our job has really just begun. Bellringer Communications has been providing consistent outstanding service since 1983 and we have a solid record of standing behind our customers. Our free 24-hour phone support is always available to help with all your needs. The expert staff and factory trained and certified technicians pride themselves on delivering prompt, quality service that is unmatched; usually within 24-48 hours.

Phone support services:

  • Updating codes.
  • Testing your system.
  • Scheduling a service call or test and inspect.
  • Instructions on arming and disarming your system.
  • Instruction on when you change your phone provider.
  • Instruction on steps to take when you have construction in your home.




We know you have better things to do that worry about than your Security System. That’s why we offer different service plans to suit your needs. Annual pricing is customized according to your current system, which makes it an affordable option to help you to keep your system working at peak operating efficiency.

Plan A:
Covers the cost of parts and labor for normal wear and tear, plus an annual test and inspect of your system and all components.*

Plan B:
Covers the cost of parts and labor for normal wear and tear.

Parts Only:
Covers the cost of parts for normal wear and tear. You are responsible for the cost of labor.

Labor Only:
Covers the cost of labor for normal wear and tear. You are responsible for the cost of part

Annual Test & Inspect:
Covers the cost of the annual test and inspect. Great for Commercial clients who are required by the Fire Marshall to have automatic test and inspects done each year.

* Test and Inspect consists of inspecting and cleaning each sensor and component and testing connections throughout the system to assure optimal accuracy. We test operations and communications of fire and burglary devices, batteries, phone line wiring, and local sounding devices.

NOTE: Each plan may be used by both residential and commercial customers.

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